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Our Mission

A single injury can end a musician’s career. The Musician Treatment Foundation’s core mission is to fund free surgical and nonsurgical care for the shoulder, elbow, and hand problems of under- and uninsured professional musicians.

We are dedicated to helping musicians reclaim their talent, resume their passion, recover their livelihoods, and keep the music playing for everyone.

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About the Musician Treatment Foundation

The nonprofit is overseen by a distinguished board of directors, chaired by a renowned orthopedic surgeon, that contributes keen expertise in business, music, law, healthcare, technology, design, and more. Its mission is driven by five initiatives, you can learn about them here!

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Upcoming Events

No upcoming events found. Please check back again to see new events as they are announced.

Musician Spotlight

June 24, 2019

This spotlight is a bit different than our typical posts that focus on an injured musician. We believe it’s important to support all professional musicians, and that rings especially true for those who aren’t able to dedicate their full time and attention to the craft they love so much. Zoiea Ohizep is an experienced R&B […]

Michael Harren
April 6, 2019

Michael Harren has always been interested in performing. As a kid, he vividly remembers receiving an especially dreadful sounding chord organ for Christmas. In spite of its wheezing sound, he played it all the time, plucking out songs by ear and using the lesson book that came with the organ to teach himself. In middle […]

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We are proudly the largest in-kind donor of orthopedic care to

The Musician Treatment Foundation has provided dozens of musicians qualified by the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians with shoulder, elbow, and hand surgeries in order to keep the music playing.

Past Events

Rosanne Cash and John Leventhal with Aoife O’Donovan

An amazing night of music in Dublin, Ireland by three Grammy-award-winning musicians: Rosanne Cash, legendary singer/songwriter, and John Leventhal, acclaimed guitarist/producer/songwriter, with beloved Irish-American folk artist Aoife O’Donovan.

Musicians Supporting Musicians