Care for Our Musicians

The Musician Treatment Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to the orthopedic healthcare needs of professional musicians that also strives to support and recognize our musicians who work so diligently to hone their craft and contribute to the common good and well-being of their communities and the world. MTF helps professional musicians who are uninsured or underinsured and cannot afford the care they need for their shoulders, elbows, and hands. MTF takes the lead in orchestrating our musicians’ specialized care at reduced or no cost from expert upper extremity orthopedists in Austin, New York City, and beyond.

If you are a musician in need of orthopedic care, please contact us at and we will review your eligibility for MTF assistance. Basic eligibility includes professional musician status and financial need. Although we work in Austin and New York City, you do not need to live in those cities to get help from MTF and if you cannot get to one of those cities we will try to connect you with a musician-oriented orthopedist in a music city closer to you.

Whether you are a professional or amateur musician or simply a music lover, we hope you will explore MTF care information here. We are privileged to share the stories and talents of the musicians who MTF and its supporters have assisted and who are in turn paying it forward to other musicians.

MTF board member Elvis Costello discussed the foundation’s mission with former band-mate Allan Mayes! The pair talk about their respective past upper extremity ailments, receiving care, and the impact of being able to access care and resume playing.

Musician Mondays

Musician Monday featuring Nathan Williams

Join us this Monday, March 8th for a special Musician Monday featuring professional clarinetist Nathan Williams! The video will go live on the MTF Facebook page at 12pm CST on March 8th, and will be available anytime after for your viewing pleasure. Our Musician Monday Series showcases the music and stories of artists who have […]

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Musician Monday featuring Peggy Stern

Our Musician Monday Series showcases the music and stories of artists who have endured and overcome the challenges of upper limb injuries. Our next installment airs Monday, February 8th @ 6PM CT/7PM ET featuring Peggy Stern! Tune in at 6PM CT / 7PM ET next Monday to catch some great original music, learn about musician injuries, […]

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Musician Monday featuring Jonathan Horne

MTF is excited to bring you the music and journey of jazz guitarist Jonathan Horne in this segment of our Musician Monday Livestream series. Join us on Monday, September 14th @ 6PM CT/7PM ET to catch some great music by Jonathan, learn about his hand injury, and hear how MTF helped him to #keepthemusicplaying! Thank […]

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Musician Spotlights

Musician Spotlight: Allan Mayes

We spoke with Allan to share his story of how he began playing, what brought him to MTF, and what he’s up to now:  How did you get your (musical) start? What inspired you to start playing music in the first place? Like millions of others, the Beatles inspired me to start playing music at […]

Musician Spotlight: Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown has been a street musician, playing in towns and cities across the country for almost 8 years.  He’s also played in music venues in NYC, Boston, Pittsburgh, Eugene OR, Seattle, San Francisco, and many other places.  It’s taken a long time to get to this point, throwing himself into music completely, and having […]

Musician Spotlight: Thor Harris

On average, professional musicians spend over 90% of their time performing live on the road, away from personal and medical support systems. Injuries can arise at any moment from the repetitive intensity of playing instruments and from unexpected accidents. With this in mind, we are a unique nonprofit – in design, scope, and breadth – […]

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