The Musician Treatment Foundation presents its Musician Monday Livestream featuring Austin’s own Thor Harris on Monday, June 15th at 6 PM CT/7 PM ET.

The series showcases the music and stories of artists who have experienced and overcome the challenges of upper limb injuries and problems paired with Q&A for the benefit of others with similar issues.

The series is hosted by orthopedic surgeon O. Alton Barron, M.D., who founded MTF to address the plight of professional musicians who lack the means or health insurance to cover the often high costs of orthopedic care. If you have any shoulder, elbow, or hand questions for Dr. Barron, please send them to before Monday.

Tune in to catch some great music and learn about how MTF helps #keepthemusicplaying and by all means, spread the word to your musical friends!


Thank you for joining us! To rewatch the streams, click the links below:

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