When the Counting Crows broke from their label in 2009 and began creating their first independent record, they decided it was the right time to pay special tribute to the artists who had inspired them and their love for music in the first place. Comprised entirely of covers spanning from Bob Dylan to Dawes, the band’s sixth studio album “Underwater Sunshine” was released in 2012, and quickly climbed the charts, reaching #3 in the Top Rock and Independent genres.

The “Underwater Sunshine” album was not only “an homage to brilliant songwriting,” but a celebration of the way that music inspires, influences, and drives listeners to create themselves. It is from this idea that the Underwater Sunshine Fest was born. With talent hand-selected by Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz, the free event seeks to create an environment in which music lovers can feel free to explore and be exposed to a wide array of acts, hopefully finding some inspiration or a new favorite song along the way. 

This is why the Musician Treatment Foundation is proud to be a sponsor of the Underwater Sunshine Fest. We feel that music brings people together and puts positivity out into the world, and a festival that highlights that is right up our alley. In the same way that we aim to #KeeptheMusicPlaying by providing under-insured musicians with medical care, the Underwater Sunshine Fest is doing the same by creating a space for artists and attendees to share in their passion for music together.

We hope to see you at the Underwater Sunshine Fest this November 8-9th, at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City.