Since the beginning, we’ve made treating injured musicians our focus. And in less than two years, we’ve provided over $750,000 in free shoulder, elbow, and hand care to deserving professional musicians. 

Thanks to our incredible sponsors and your generous donations, we’ve been able to Keep the Music Playing by getting musicians back on stage doing what they love, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue providing care to the music community.

But MTF isn’t stopping there. Our mission extends far beyond our local neighborhood and encompasses more than treatment alone. We hope to serve the music community in ways that will be long-lasting, widespread, and hugely impactful.

Our course of action for accomplishing this goal is five-part: 

1. TREAT the shoulder, elbow, and hand problems of under- and uninsured professional musicians.

Our bread and butter – providing care to musicians suffering from injuries and conditions caused by playing music. An injury can cost a musician their entire career, costing tens of thousands of dollars to address properly. We aim to alleviate this stress by taking on the financial burden of surgery and other expensive treatment plans.

2. CREATE the first cloud-based platform to allow state-of-the-art remote preoperative, postoperative, and non-operative continuity of care.

Essentially a destination for all things health and healing – where musicians can both prepare for and recover from surgery, as well as seek medical advice on non-surgery-related issues. This platform will be available from anywhere, creating a stress-free and convenient way for patients to access health-related information and assistance.

3. BUILD the first physician-surgeon network and musician registry dedicated to facilitating care across the world.

We’re expanding our reach by connecting physicians with musicians in need around the globe. 

4. EDUCATE musicians, both amateur and professional, on preventative techniques that will minimize or prevent musician-specific injuries.

Preventing an injury is much easier, and more cost-effective than treating it. With the knowledge of proper forms and techniques to use while playing, musicians can better avoid arm and hand issues.

5. SHARE new research and outcomes data with the world to illuminate the unique diagnostic and treatment issues facing all musicians.

Awareness is the catalyst for change, which means that advancements in the orthopedic field can be used as a tool to better inform the public of the realities of being a professional musician. People in this career are susceptible to certain injuries and conditions that either develop over time or occur suddenly due to the unique, and often repetitive movements made while playing music.

Through these five goals, we hope to positively impact the lives of musicians far and wide. Regardless of where you live, how much money you earn, or what your current health insurance (or lack thereof) looks like, MTF believes that you deserve support in sharing your gifts with the world. 

We thank you for your support thus far and are excited for what the future holds. Together, we can Keep the Music Playing for musicians and their fans around the globe.