Musician Spotlight: Charlie Faye

Jul 20, 2023

Charlie Faye began her music career singing and playing guitar and mandolin in Dan Zanes & Friends. Following that, Faye’s career has been fueled by interesting ideas: In 2010, she did a solo tour around the country where she lived in a different city each month, put together a local band, and wrote and recorded a new song with local musicians in each place. Her best-known project to date, and most recent, was Charlie Faye & The Fayettes, which garnered high praise from the media, earned Faye a publishing deal with Rough Trade, and got her songs placed in shows like Riverdale and Girlboss.

The career musician and single mom was inspired by her and her daughter’s shared love of soul and pop music from the 60s for her new album:  Charlie Faye & The Fanimals. We sat down with Charlie to discuss what brought her to MTF, her experience, and what’s to come in 2023:

What inspired you to start playing music?

I’ve had a strong connection with music since I was a little kid. Now I get to see my daughter, who is 3 ½, experiencing the same thing, which is amazing.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

A lot of my inspiration comes from the soul and pop music of the 60s. It was really a golden age of music, when the best songwriters, arrangers, musicians, and singers were all working together to bring us incredible songs that really stand the test of time. My inspirations range from Carole King to Stevie Wonder to the entire Stax catalog. I used to have a 60s soul/pop girl group called Charlie Faye & The Fayettes, but more recently I’ve been making music in that style for kids and families.

What was the injury that brought you to MTF and how did the injury affect your music?

I had a shoulder injury that was really getting me down. It made it hard for me to want to pick up a guitar, and when I did, I couldn’t play for very long. I’m so grateful to Dr. Barron and the whole MTF team for getting me seen quickly and making a plan of action so that I could get back to playing.

What was your experience with receiving care through MTF and your recovery afterwards?

It was incredible. I couldn’t believe how seamless the whole process was, from the first call to the first appointment to treatment, and how easy they made it. Thankfully I didn’t need surgery, like some of my friends who have come to MTF, but I did end up needing physical therapy, and thanks to proper care I was back to normal in a couple of months.

What’s coming up for you?

My new family music album, Charlie Faye & The Fanimals, is coming out July 21st. It’s not your average kid’s album – the players on it include Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello & The Imposters) and Adrian Quesada (Black Pumas), and it’s all the style of 60s soul and pop – so it’s truly something the whole family can enjoy together. Our big record release party will be at The Far Out Lounge on Saturday, July 22, at the family-friendly time of 10 AM!

Where can people find out more about you and your music?

My Website



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