Accidents happen. That’s why we have insurance. But what happens when you don’t? For musicians with little to no health insurance, an accident can burden them with thousands in medical costs and leave them unable to continue their livelihood. That’s why the Musician Treatment Foundation was created; to help professional musicians who need surgical and related care to keep the music playing for us all.

Bre Jarvis is a singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. One day she was riding an electric scooter to get around town when she fell off. She put her hand out to break the fall but ended up breaking her wrist instead.

Any musician can tell you, if you can’t use your hand, you can’t play. And if you can’t play, you can’t work and that’s when things get scary.

For Bre, it was a matter of not if, but when, she could get the surgery she needed in order to be able to play her guitar again. Her determination is what caused her to seek out the Musician Treatment Foundation (MTF).

When Bre came through our doors, we were with her every step of the way to get her back to doing what she loves. We’re happy to say that we were able to provide the surgery she needed and that she is recovering beautifully!

As a non-profit, we are dedicated to the healthcare needs of professional musicians. We provide surgical and related care at no cost so that they can keep the music playing. This is only possible thanks to our donors! We will continue to share the stories of the musicians that your dollars are directly supporting.

If you are a musician in need, please contact us at If you would like to donate to our organization, please visit

“Long Time Coming” by Bre Jarvis: