Musician Spotlight: Hamed Shadad

Nov 30, 2023

Hamed Shadad was born in Khartoum, Sudan, and grew up in Cairo, Egypt, where he attended Cairo Conservatory and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance and his Graduate Performance Diploma in Clarinet Performance.He earned his Master’s in Music Performance from Longy School of Music and is currently pursuing his Doctor of Musical Arts at Texas Tech University.

As a soloist, he has been featured with the Cairo Conservatory Youth Symphony Orchestra, Cairo Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, Cairo Conservatory Wind and Percussion Orchestra, and Arab Youth Philharmonic Orchestra in tours across Egypt and Algeria. Currently, he performs with the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra and other various orchestras.

We sat down with Hamed to discuss what drew him to music, the injury that brought him to MTF, when new music is coming, and more:

What inspired you to start playing music?

I remember at an early age I used to listen repeatedly to some of Chopin’s greatest works on a cassette tape. It had a great impact on me. Then early in my musical career, a former teacher gave me a CD of contemporary classical music, and from then on, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Most importantly, my father, also an artist, fiercely encouraged me and my siblings (also musicians) to pursue careers in classical music.

Who are some of your musical inspirations

My favorite clarinetists are Sabine Meyer, Kari Kriikku, and Anthony McGill. I’m also always inspired by the Berlin Philharmonic, the London Symphony, and the New York Philharmonic. Composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and Jukka Tiensuu are some of the most inspiring. I also draw inspiration from other forms of art like painting, poetry, literature, film, and philosophy.

What was the injury that brought you to MTF and how did the injury affect your music?

I had an issue in my hands involving the tendons, sagittal, and lateral bands that affected my playing greatly as it limited my finger movements and forced me into workarounds and alternative fingering combinations. I wouldn’t have resorted to those methods otherwise and developing them involved a long period of trial and error.

I spent years looking for a solution and a musician-specific hand treatment but to no avail. One doctor in Germany told me nothing could be done. It wasn’t until I went to the University Medical Center in Lubbock and met with OT Elizabeth Flores, who helped me immensely and figured out the issue and the type of surgery required to address it. After my surgery, I went back to her as she worked on my hand recovery and physical therapy.

What was your experience with receiving care through MTF and your recovery afterward?

I’ve had an incredible experience! I contacted MTF to inquire about the surgery and MTF treated me with urgency and care. Executive Director Irene Chang-Cimino helped me with the referral to Dr. Alton Barron, and even reached out to me post-surgery to check on my recovery.

I met with Dr. Barron and explained everything I had gone through, even using my instrument to show the limitations I was experiencing. He explained all aspects of the procedures and was very accommodating. Dr. Barron even met with my physical therapist after the surgery, providing valuable instructions.

What’s coming up for you?

I have several performances coming up, including a solo recital on December 1st, and will be featured with the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra in 2024. I will be releasing two CDs soon, including one of works dedicated and written specifically for me. I’m also looking forward to completing my Doctor of Musical Arts degree.

Where can people find out more about you and your music?

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I’m also working on a website and launching a YouTube channel.



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