Musician Spotlight: Thor Harris

Sep 15, 2020

The Musician Treatment Foundation (MTF) assists in providing surgical and nonsurgical care for the shoulder, elbow, and hand injuries of uninsured and underinsured professional musicians so they can maintain their livelihoods and keep the music playing for us all. MTF is dedicated to fostering a world that cares for its injured musicians regardless of their ability to pay.

On average, professional musicians spend over 90% of their time performing live on the road, away from personal and medical support systems. Injuries can arise at any moment from the repetitive intensity of playing instruments and from unexpected accidents. With this in mind, we are a unique nonprofit – in design, scope, and breadth – that facilitates and funds upper limb treatment and continuity of care for needful musicians at home and on tour.

We couldn’t provide this necessary care without the support and talent of musicians such as the one we’re highlighting today, Thor Harris of Thor & Friends. Thor is known as “patient zero” here at MTF because he is one of the first musicians Dr. Alton Barron was able to help through the foundation.

Thor Harris is a polymath percussionist who formed “Thor & Friends” in the autumn of 2015 after five years of touring as the percussionist of iconic Avant-rock ensemble Swans. A crafter of musical instruments and stylistic polyglot, Harris formed Thor & Friends as an ode to his community, woodworking shop, and the instruments his hands shape and bring to life. Learn more about this unparalleled musician and his love for creating not only music but the instruments that make that music! Watch his Musician Monday stream with orthopedic surgeon and MTF founder Dr. Barron here.

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